Intel, LG with HuaXin Acquired “Technical Contribution Award of the tenth anniversary of CDBA”2015-03-04

On 15th January, 2015, the "Top Ten Brands of China Commercial Display Area during the Ten Years" and the "Sixth Cmmercial Display System Peak Forum", which were sponsored by China Commercial Display System Industry Alliance(CBDA) and Orville Consulting(AVC), were successfully held in Beijing. As the only infrared touch solution provider, Guangzhou Huaxin Electronics Co.,Ltd, won the "Technical Contribution Award" with Intel and LG.

    In a short span of these ten years, the human-computer interactive devices have become ubiquitous. They appeared in convenience stores, bus stations, shopping malls and many other places in our lives. People can obtain all kinds of information through interactive devices. As the core provider of touch sensor, Guangzhou Huaxin Electronics committed to provide a better interactive experience for users.

    As early as 2007, the enterpreneurial team of Huaxin began to do the research of touch technology of AI (Artificial Intelligence) human-computer interaction field. In order to provide a better using experience for users, Huaxin adhere to the innovation of technology. In 2011, Huaxin led the whole industry into the multi-touch era; in 2012, we launched a new IP65 touch sensor, which was the only affordable touch sensor in the world. In 2013, we took the lead in the development of a ultra high performance produch which combined the fluent writing features, decontamination function and strong light resistance together. In 2014, Huaxin and LG Display co-launched the world's largest (105 inches) LCD interactive flat panel, and this product was also displayed in Las Vegas CES exhbition successfully.

    In terms of market share, Huaxin constantly improves the status. In 2014, Huaxin's sales occupied more than 40% in big size infrared touch sensor market, and well-deserved the top company of the industry. In the future, the competition of the industry will become more and more fierce. Huaxin will continue to increase R&D investment, to creat more excellent products and provide better touch solutions for users.

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